Motorcycle Milkman

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Motorcycle Milkman was recorded in a cabin in Nebo, NC 
Overdubs were recorded at Night Sounds Studios in Carrboro, NC 
Engineered and mixed by David Barrett 
Mastered by Nick Zammuto 
Artwork by Emily C Decker 
Photos by Meredith Chetwynd 
Produced by Hugo and Dewayne Book, Jennifer Douglas, Pamela Prather, Mike and Ruth Holt, Eric and Frances Chetwynd, Peyton Lea, Margaret Maloy, Mark Holt, Corinne Longman, John Holt and Barbara Holt, Laura Holt, Marcus Herman-Giddens, Ellen Chetwynd, Denise Clancy, and Craig and Jane Lea

Special thanks to Meredith Chetwynd. Thanks to our dear friends and family, especially you who kickstarted us: All of our producers and Tom Celona, Robert Bottomley, Lindis Chetwynd, Walt Yates, Anna Bartlett, Rick Boccard, Rose Hardesty, Sara K, The Bom Bus, Daniel J Webster, Jill Summers, Deo Garlock, Alice Coppa, Ghostbuster, Ellen Ambrose, Nichole Boccard, Daniel Wolf, Murali Bashyam, David and Madge Chetwynd, Lule Rosenbaun, Morgan Long, Nadia Allen, Jude Weinberg, Nicholas Colquitt, Sue Boccard, and Beth Boccard

Hello Hugo is :

Rosser Douglas – Keys, mostly
Justin Holt – Guitar, mostly
Nick Prather – Bass, mostly
Reid Weigner – Percussion, mostly